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Monk’s Cafe In Philly Raising Money For Japan

7 Apr

The Monk’s Cafe will be tapping three kegs of Hitachino beer and donating 100% of money made from each pour to charity for Japan. I love this. It is social good. It is another example of how beer people are good people.

They will be offering a Red Rice ale, Ginger ale, and White ale.

The money will be going directly to the owner of Hitachino, Toshiyuki Kiuchi, and he will distribute it in the community in the area where he sees the most need.

If you don’t know about Monk’s Cafe think Belgian beauties. No. I’m not talking about this kind:

Photo by San Diego Shooter

THIS kind:

Belgian beer

Photo by Amber DeGrace

Do you like how I made the beer picture bigger than that of the girls? I have my priorities.

Anyway. Get your beer-lovin’ butt to Monk’s Cafe and order a few Hitachino Nest ales and tell all your friends that beer helps make the world a better place. It’s the truth.

The fundraiser starts at 11:30am on April 11th.