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Deschutes Brewery is Expanding

15 Mar
Deschutes Tap Handles

Photo by The Prudent Cyclist, flickr

Deschutes Brewery is one of my favorite craft breweries and I wish we could get it in Pennsylvania. Perhaps if their success continues that will happen one day. Currently Deschutes only distributes to my West Coast amigos and as sad as this is, I can understand. In fact, Dogfish Head recently pulled their distribution from several states in order to better provide to the other states where they do distribute.

Deschutes just announced today that they are expanding their operations. More space will be added to where their production area (more room for beer) and they are augmenting their current fermentation tanks with five new family members (more room for beer). They estimate that this addition with allow them to brew over 100,000 gallons more beer each year. There are also various green innovations they will be implementing, including a system which will reduce and reuse water by cleaning it.

There will be another phase of this project in which they’ll add even more fermentation tanks.

Please, dear Deschutes, please distribute in Pennsylvania? We’d be happy to have ya here. Congratulations to Deschutes on their success!

This information came from the Deschutes Brewery Twitter account (@DeschutesBeer) in the following tweet: It’s official, we are adding more tanks & remodeling the tasting room to better serve our faithful & future fans. http://ow.ly/4eXxt

Now, if only I had an Obsidian Stout right now …


Dogfish Head Pulling Beer From Several States

11 Mar

Dogfish Head


Another economic sign of the times? Dogfish Head will be completely pulling or limiting their beer in the future from several states, including Tennessee, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Poor Wisconsin is seemingly getting the shaft left and right.

Sam Calagione is extremely apologetic in his blog post, Thanks For Understanding. He says the reason for the decision is because demand is so high and they aren’t able to produce enough supply to satisfy it all. It sounds as if the states close to Delaware are safe … and my fingers are crossed that it will remain available in Pennsylvania.

Do any of you live in these four states who won’t be receiving any more Dogfish Head beer?

Craft beer bridges partisan divide in Senate (via Politico.com)

10 Mar

Craft beer bridges partisan divide in Senate – On Congress – POLITICO.com.

I think this legislation would be fantastic to see go through. Our country started out with one of its express purposes being supporting the everyday man and woman be able to make their dreams a reality. With all the conglomerates and mega-corporations it has become harder and harder to do that in recent years. Any legislation like this helps us get back to the basics!

Philadelphia Beer Week 2011

8 Mar

Photo by Idanderson, flickr

Live in or close to Philly? Fancy having yourself a fine little beercation? Visit Philadelphia for Philly Beer Week 2011 for a 10-day feast of fermentables!

Participating breweries this year are Dogfish Head, Stoudt’s, Victory, and Fegley’s. There are many venues for the events, which ones look fun to you?

This year the official celebration will be held from June 3-12 but as you can see, there are always craft beer events in the City of Brotherly Love.