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Ginger Rye Saison Recipe

17 Mar

Photo by LSDSL, Wikipedia Commons

Mike finalized the recipe and brew schedule for this weekend’s brew, a ginger rye saison. Recently we went to Sonnewald Natural Foods near Spring Grove, PA, to pick up a few things and browse around. Their store has fresh produce, canned organic goods, refrigerated items, vitamins & supplements, and a bulk-foods area. It’s perfect for those who are either just a bit crunchy like we are or are a lot crunchy. Mike picked up a few pounds of flaked rye, figuring we’d be able to use it in a brew at some point.

I have a couple books, The Homebrewer’s Garden and Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers, that both have recipes for ales that contain unique ingredients such as basil, oregano, ginger, lavender, and juniper berries. I wanted to do an oregano pale ale but Mike was a reluctant. He wasn’t sold on the honey basil ale either. We both agreed on a ginger rye saison — it’ll be a nice Spring brew, Mike will get to use the flaked rye, and I will get ginger.

Ginger Rye Saison


5 lbs Pilsen Malt

3 lbs 2-Row Brewers Malt

2 lbs Rye Malt

1 lb Organic Flaked Rye

1 lb White Wheat Malt

.5 lb 2-Row Caramel Malt 10L

.25 lb Aromatic Malt


Boil (6.5 gallons):

60 minutes – 1 oz Tettnanger (3.5% AA)

30 minutes – .5 fresh ginger, chopped

20 minutes – 1 oz Tettnanger

10 minutes – .5 oz Czech Saaz (3.2% AA) and .5 oz fresh ginger, chopped


Yeast: White Labs WLP565 Belgian Saison I


Let’s see how it turns out! I know it’s going to smell wonderful.