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Making a Yeast Starter

10 Mar

First for the disclaimer: we did not create this video or content and are just passing it on because it is easy to understand and creative. The video was made with Dana Borque of Brewniverse and filmed by Jeremy White. All accolades go to them.

If you would like to see a list of what you’ll need to make a yeast starter like in this video, head over to American Homebrewers Association for that info.

What is a yeast starter? In a simple nutshell, it provides the yeast a nice happy place to live and chow down before being introduced to the batch of beer its job is to convert. You’re just giving the yeasties an edge on their task. They’re doing such an amazing thing for you and your homebrew, the least you can do is give ’em some training wheels. Check out the video. You know you wanna.