St. Boniface Craft Brewing Company – Ephrata, PA

9 Mar

St. Boniface

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is a craft beer lover’s dream. I kid you not, this area is continually seeing new breweries pop up and they all seem to do quite well for themselves. It is wonderful to see them thriving because it proves how many individuals have an appreciation not only for finely crafted beer (as opposed to swill) but also that there is a strong sense of community and buying locally (as opposed to corporate monsters).

I’m a fan from every angle.

St. Boniface Craft Brewing Company is based in Ephrata and is the joint work of two guys who used to homebrew and decided their powers working together were greater for the forces of good. St. Boniface is the patron saint of brewers (I fancy we may have named our second son Boniface if I was game for getting knocked up again) and the company has named their current brews Libation–a double IPA, Epiphany–a Belgian Dubbel, and Hegemony–an imperial stout.

It looks like they’re filling growlers on Saturdays from 9am-2pm. They are located in Ephrata, at 100 N. State Street, Suite 401.

Check out their Facebook page for more information. We’ll do a review of the beer once we get our hands on some and I’ll take photos of their location as well.



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